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MUSE Ideas Incubator Session in Sidney (BC)

2 May 2018 — 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Mary Winspear Center, 2243 Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC

City snapshots, Project 2, and you!

The next Ideas Incubator Session is all about Project 2 – Multisectoral Partnership (MP) characterization.

On May 2, 2018, researchers, knowledge users, and collaborators will come together in Sidney, B.C. to provide feedback on Project 2, and to plan the next steps forward in the research.

In preparation for this meeting, the Project 2 team, led by Nazeem Muhajarine, has prepared “MP Snapshots” from each of the MUSE cities. Each snapshot gives an overview of an initiative involving a partnership between public health authorities and local government.

Specifically, we will be discussing the following MP initiatives:


  • Healthy City Strategy (one comprehensive City-led strategy involving various partnerships and programs)


  • Montréal Métropole en Santé (one large umbrella partnership with two main program streams: Système alimentaire montréalaisand Montréal Physiquement Active)


  • Toronto Food Strategy
  • Toronto Walking Strategy


  • Active Transportation Plan
  • Regional Food Assessment and Action Plan
  • The Junction Improvement Strategy

These MP snapshots, along with a list of questions that have emerged so far in Project 2, will be used to guide the group discussion. For example:

  • How/when/why do local governments integrate public health considerations into their policies and strategic plans?
  • What is distinctive about the partnerships that exist between local governments and public health authorities in each of the MUSE cities?
  • How were these partnerships initiated?
  • How resilient are these relationships to changing circumstances (e.g., change of government, restructuring)?
  • What roles do provincial leaders and legislation play in facilitating partnerships?

We look forward to the discussion and ideas that will be generated from the next Ideas Incubator Session!

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